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Why choose a Bridging Loan?

  • What is a Bridging Loan - How Does it Work?

    A bridging loan is short term finance which can be used to "bridge the gap" until longer term finance or another repayment strategy has been arranged. For example, High Street Banks often take several weeks to underwrite and complete a loan transaction; in some cases this is not quick enough for the borrowers, so a bridging loan can be useful as it can be arranged and completed in a matter of days.

    Another factor that sets a bridging loan apart from more conventional loans is that the loan is not always underwritten on the borrower's financial status but rather on their collateral, such as the property they own.

    It should be noted that lenders offering bridging require the borrower to provide details of a realistic exit strategy for repayment of the bridging loan.

    At Bridging Experts we are expertly placed to arrange the best deals and loan rates from major UK short-term lenders.

    Our team can also advise you on what a bridging loan is, how it works and how it can work for you. We can help you make an informed decision on whether bridging is right for you.

  • Bridging Finance Loan Rates & Interest Rates

    Bridging loan interest rates are typically higher than interest rates for longer term loans. Lenders generate profit by adding interest over the life of each loan they provide, therefore they earn less interest on loans taken over a short period than they do on loans taken over a longer term. Bridging loans are usually arranged for 18 months or less, meaning lenders typically charge higher interest rates for this type of finance.

    Bridging lenders can also experience a higher resource cost for processing bridging finance as there is often a need for a higher ratio of underwriters to cases to ensure fast completions are available for consumers.

  • The Benefits of Bridging Loans

    Bridging loans can offer many benefits, including fast access to finance. Although time frames vary, money can be available within 48 hours after the borrower has qualified for the loan.

    Bridging has become more popular over the last few years as borrowers discovered that bridging finance is often available when traditional loans are not.

    A bridging loan can be highly beneficial for those purchasing a new property when they do not wish to wait for their current property to be sold.

    Individuals who plan to purchase properties, renovate them and resell them before the terms of the loan expire can also benefit from this type of finance.

    Borrowers with limited financial resources may also seek bridging finance and this trend has escalated since the financial crisis in 2008.

    Ultimately all consumers must decide for themselves which lending arrangements offer the most benefits based on their individual circumstances. Those who are unsure should speak with our team of bridging loan experts and we will be able to provide a free, non-obligation bridging loan quotation.

  • Our Bridging Loan Calculator

    Our bridging loan calculator is used to calculate interest and repayments. It is important to note that interest rates for bridging finance also depend on other factors such as the value of the borrower's collateral and, in some instances, the borrower's credit history.

Bridging Loan Rates

At our online bridging loans calculator is updated on a daily basis to ensure we can offer our customers the very best rates available in the market.

Due to the amount of business transact with our lending partners we may be able to offer you a lower rate than applying directly or through a broker completing smaller levels of business.

When considering a bridging mortgage it is important to consider the overall cost for comparison; this is the total cost for your proposed loan over a defined period. It is easy to be convinced by a low monthly rate, it is important, however, to consider all costs including facility, legal, valuation and administration fees when considering the best option. The team a will work with you to define your requirements and then propose an option which represents to best overall cost for comparison for term.

Straightforward guide to the free valuation options available

This guide explains the options for the free valuation.

We offer free valuations on bridging loans that we arrange with Precise Mortgages and Aldermore Bank. For the majority of these loans, Bridging Experts will pay for the valuation 'upfront' on your behalf, meaning you do not need to pay a valuation fee. This offer can save you up to £725 on your bridging loan.


Restrictions on loan size and property value:

Offer not available on loans under £200,000.
Offer not available for properties worth over £1,000,000.

Offer does not apply to loans from all lenders

The free valuation offer does not apply to all lenders on our panel. Therefore, we may recommend a loan from a lender without the free valuation offer. If this is the case, we will have considered the cost saving of the free valuation and the suitability of the loans available before recommending the best loan for you.

Offer does not apply to loans which are unlikely to fund. You pay and we'll refund you instead

In certain scenarios the likelihood of a bridging loan completing is limited, for example a speculative auction purchase. We will assess the risk of the loan not completing and, if this is high, we will not offer the free 'up front' valuation. Instead will be offer you a valuation fee refund upon completion of the loan. In these circumstances, you would pay for the valuation fee upfront and we will happily refund this fee for you when the loan completes and you draw-down the funds.

Multiple loans

If you are applying for multiple bridging loans, we will only pay for one valuation fee upfront.
This offer is limited to one per application.

Please call our team of bridging experts if you would like to discuss the free valuation options in more detail. Thank you.