The Best Bridging Rates.


Who are Bridging Experts is the direct-to-consumer arm of Positive Lending, award-winning master broker and distributor of specialist property finance. Positive Lending is widely recognised as the largest bridging finance broker in the UK having completed in excess of £100 million since incorporation and are specialists in bridging mortages and loans.

The team at have over 300 years' combined financial services experience working in sales and underwriting roles at prime high street lenders and boutique finance houses. This experience allows us to advise you correctly and ensures your loan progresses to completion as quickly as possible. Sometimes problems will arise and we have the necessary knowledge to resolve issues should they become apparent.

Due to the levels of bridging business Positive Lending have completed we are considered key partners of every major UK short-term property finance lender. This enables us to offer a number of exclusive products which feature lower monthly interest rates and bridging loan rates, lower facility fees, increased loan-to-value and incentives such as free valuation.

We pride ourselves on treating customers fairly. Our office is open to all clients for a face-to-face meeting if required and for additional peace of mind we charge absolutely no-upfront fees and broker fees. We are paid by the lender once your case has completed and this amount if disclosed to you at application stage.

If you require any further information about you are welcome to contact us on 0333 1212 330 during business hours or email, thank you.

Our Process and Fees is the direct-to-consumer arm of Positive Lending. Our expert team has access to a wide range of bridging loans from our lender panel. They may disclose details of secured loans, commercial loans, residential and buy to let mortgages should they identify a suitable alternative. Click here to look at our process and fees.