The Best Bridging Rates.


Bridging Finance Brokers are bridging finance brokers who offer highly competitive bridging loan rates with flexible terms and from all of the major UK short-term lenders. Our bridging experts have a combined 250 years of financial experience and can clearly advise you on what bridging finance is, how it works and how bridging loans can work for you.

We have arranged £300m in bridging loans so far and are considered as key partners of every UK bridging lender. Holding this esteemed position, we can offer exclusive bridging products which can offer increased loan-to-value and lower monthly interest rates and facility fees.

As a bridging finance broker, our experts offer free no-obligation quotes and can find a solution to fit where traditional loans may not. In particular, our bridging loans can be underwritten on the borrower’s collateral, such as a property, as opposed to the borrower’s financial status.

Additionally, our bridging experts can arrange loans within a few days, with funds usually available within 48 hours of qualifying the borrower. This is a process that many high street lenders take weeks to complete.

To enquire about or to arrange a bridging loan, please call our bridging experts on 0333 1212 330 or send us an email to and we will ensure that one of our bridging experts gets in touch as soon as possible.

Bridging Loans Brokers

As the UK's leading bridging loans brokers, have the knowledge to overcome any issues that may arise. We are the direct-to-consumer arm of Positive Lending, the largest bridging finance broker in the UK, and so our bridging experts are available for face-to-face meetings at our offices.

Bridging loans can be arranged to enable the borrower to buy a new house before their old house has sold or in order to fix a broken property chain. Our bridging experts can arrange bridging loans to fill the gap between auction purchases and arranging long term finance and they can arrange financing for self-build projects.

Bridging finance can also be arranged for property developers who want to either purchase, renovate and resell a property in the short term or who need to improve cash flow. Bridging finance can be arranged to allow developers to purchase another property while continuing to develop an existing site. It can also be arranged as a second charge.

To benefit from no up-front costs, with valuation fees paid for with certain lenders, please call one our bridging experts today on 0333 1212 330.