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Bridging Lenders

As master bridging brokers, work with all the UK's top bridging lenders and we have the knowledge to find the right property bridging loan for you. We provide a solutions that are not commonly found on the high street by working with a wide panel of specialise short term bridging lenders. Whereas high street lenders may take weeks to underwrite or complete a loan transaction, we can complete bridge lending within just a few days.

We are the direct to consumer arm of Positive Lending and, thanks to our relationships with all the UK's best bridging lenders, we are recognised as the largest bridging loan brokers in the UK. Our team of experts have 250 years of combined financial services experience, at prime high street lenders and boutique finance houses.

We are bridging loan providers who offer finance when traditional loans may not be available. Our bridging loans may be qualified on a borrower's collateral, such as a property, as opposed to the loan being underwritten on the borrower's financial status.

If you are looking for a short term financing solution that will bridge the gap between a longer financing solution, then please get in touch today. can be contacted on 0333 1212 330 or by email to

Bridge Lending

Bridge lending provides the financial freedom that home owners and developers may be struggling to find. A bridging loan can be used to purchase a new property before selling the old one and this can be a useful solution that will break a broken property chain.

Developers may use second-charge bridge lending to purchase their next property or to improve cash flow. Bridge lending can also be used by developers who wish to purchase, renovate and resell a property before the term of the lending expires.

As the UK leading bridging broker, we have access to exclusive bridging products from the leading bridging lenders. This means we can arrange bridge lending with lower monthly interest rates, lower facility fees and can offer bridge lending with increased loan to value. With certain bridge lenders we pay the valuation fees and of course we offer no up-front fees and no obligation quotations.

If you are unsure about which bridging lender to choose then be assured that we are key partners with every UK bridging lender and we have arranged over £300m in loans so far. If needed, can help you understand what a bridging loan is, how it works and how it can work for you. Our open offices enable face-to-face meetings, should you so desire.